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10 Rules for Writing Safety Critical Code

In the current issue of Java Magazine the from editor column talks about the size of classes. The benefits of class with lines of code (LOCs) less than 60. But also some challenges that comes with.

What I found curious was a reference to 10 rules for writing safety critical code, that’s language agnostic. So it can be applied on actual Java projects without constraints. Other curious thing is that these rules are used by NASA, as describes the article.

The link for the rules is here.

The rule of limiting classes (functions at the original) to 60 lines of code is challenger and the article explain it very well.

Other important rules is the 10th: compile with all warnings enabled, and use one or more source code analyzers. Very actual.

So I thought that it was interesting and could open deeper discussions.



Mais uma ferramenta para otimizar o desenvolvimento e evitar a identificação tardia de bugs.

O Infinitest faz isso da seguinte forma: ao salvar uma alteração em um código na IDE ele dispara os testes, avalia e marca os que não passaram. Assim garante a verificação de erros on time.

No meu caso instalei-o no Eclipse (Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)), bem rápido e tranquilo pelo Marketplace.

Ainda pode ser configurado para excluir pacotes, classes ou padrões específicos criando um arquivo na raiz do projeto chamado infinitest.filters.

A documentação do projeto está aqui em

E a fonte deste post está no blog da Caelumn, aqui.


Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu

Cassandra logo


So I decided to test the NoSql Cassandra database. But to install was a non-trivial proccess on Ubuntu 16 release.

After some googling I found this link inside the Download area of the oficial Cassandra site. And then it works!

It was necessary to change the first key number for the one that is showing on the error after the apt-get update. I skipped the add of the other two keys and it works.

Now I can test the Cassandra with Spring Boot, via this link on Dzone.

Hope this can help…